Moxibustion & Gua Sha



is a warming and tonifying treatment which is usually used as an additional treatment to Acupuncture but can also be used as an alternative to acupuncture.  There are different types of moxibustion depending on the  type of moxibustion and treatment focus and diagnosis.   It is a treatment that can be good to improve a wide range of conditions see below - when applied appropriately. It is relaxing and dynamic

It is a powerful technique which helps with fertility and  gynaecological, digestive issues, poor immunity and pain.   It can either be used indirectly or with Moxa cones on specific points.   In some instances a Moxa box is used to provide sustained heat over a larger area.   Moxibustion treatment like acupuncture has the ability to create dramatic improvements in health with just a few treatments.

Moxibustion is specifically used for specific conditions such as:-  Turning a Breech baby, for body aches & pains such as knee, shoulder and back ache; for optimising fertility; strengthening immunity; recovery from illness especially Post-Viral Fatigue and Long-Covid and to reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Gua Shua

is an effective massage technique for pain, muscle tension, blockages and tightness in the


A small tool shaped like a flattened stone is used to scrape the skin in even, gentle and flowing strokes

along a the muscles which sometimes correspond to a particular meridian.

Gua Shua helps the micro-circulation

It improves blood circulation and qi circulation.

Gua Shua clears blood stagnation which is seen as a more severe condition. It releases elements trapped

in the skin such as wind, heat, cold and damp. In Chinese medicine these elements are seen as the

precursors of disease

The name Gua Shua means stone and sand. It uses friction to raise temporary petechiae which appears

as transitory redness which later fades after a few days.

It is also known as coining, scraping or spooning from the implements used. In studies it

quadruples microcirculation and helps to reduce pain after treatment.

The process simultaneously stimulates the anti-inflammatory and immune response. This treatment is

for some great relief for others they may prefer a type of cupping or massage.