Acupuncture London: 30 years experience providing holistic therapies tailored to the individual

"Rachel provides the best Acupuncture treatment I have had. She treats the specific needs of the client in an effective, caring, discreet, and connected way. Highly recommended for anyone new to acupuncture or anyone who just wants an excellent massage, acupressure, and acupuncture treatment. - Neil a client since 2014"


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Booking a Session and What to expect

How to Book A session

Email Rachel either on the contact form or directly Ra****@ac***************.co

Call or Text on 07951 300 135

Once an appointment has been made you will be sent a questionnaire and advice about how to prepare for your first session.

Tailored Treatment For Each Client

Treatment is tailored to each individual in your unique set of symptoms created by deeper imbalances in the body.

Holistic Treatment Treat person

The person is treated rather than the condition or symptom. You will be asked some questions to reveal where you think the issues are.

​Sessions: What to expect?

Visual, verbal & touch  - pulse and hara diagnosis etc  together with your health questionaire will lead to the selection of points to smooth & regulate your chi.

Many people say they feel greater sense of well-being, more energy and focus following a course of Acupuncture.

Acupuncture & Acupressure Dissolves Stress & Tension in Your Body

Relaxing & Rejuvenating ; once the needles are in place you will feel an inner calm as the stress and tension that has become 'normal' slowly melts away leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

With Acupressure it is a more gradual process as points selected and pressed using a combination or mental focus and gentle pressure on acupoints

Dynamic Acupuncture

If you suddenly feel unwell, both acupuncture & acupressure can provide immediate relief. Symptoms such as sneezing, headache, insomnia, allergies, constipation and digestion issues, dysmenorrhea can all be treated dynamically.

Acupunctureheals the body by revealing the subtle, underlying imbalances. So chronic or more longer term issues such as auto-immunity, migraine, body pains, tiredness, menstrual problems thyroid & hormononal imbalances & difficulty getting pregnant are all addressed.

Treatments Offered



Fertility & IVF Support

Pregnancy Support

After-birth Support


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture



Gua Sha

Auricular Acupuncture

A few Testimonials 

"Rachel is a superb acupuncturist. I have been feeling so much better since going to her and always leave the session feeling both calm and full of energy" Rebecca

"I came to Rachel for some tension in my back which loosened up massively after just one session. I really like that she mixed cupping and acupuncture for my sessions, as this mix provided me with the best result. Highly recommend!" Diana M.

"Rachel helped me so much. I felt so much lighter after our session and allowed me to have mobility afterwards. Looking back, I also think my lingering cold symptoms went away the next day!" Bella Brady

"Rachel is my go-to-specialist for several years now. Be it diastasis recti or knee pain that didn't go away for a couple of years or general detox after medication, She is always the only one who managed to bring the treatment to an end, meaning I didn't need further medical support or continuous monitoring / corrections after completing the course of her treatment. She is really knowledgeable, who can identify the root cause of the issue and tailor treatment to your needs." Svetlana F.

"Went to see Rachel with issues surrounding my hay fever and constant gnawing pain in my shoulder. Have recognised a difference after just one session and would highly recommend" James J.

"Rachel is a very sensitive and focused practitioner who has treated me with success for an injury and other issues. Equally I got my teenage daughter to attend treatment sessions for different issues. If we need any healing support Rachel is a first port of call in the family. She uses a wide range of techniques to give effect to the target remedy. We recommend". - Liz from Tufnell Park

"My reaction to the acupuncture was awesome – for the first time I had peace of mind – I was pain free. I had been troubled by shoulder pain, since aged 14. I had been in continuous pain". - William M.

"I  found Rachel by searching google and went to her with whip lash, and an uncomfortable back. The treatment was gentle and relaxing. Not only did it clear up my back problems, but I also felt benefits in other areas of my well being. Mike M.

For the first time in years my period was regular; which has been a constant worry but something I didn't even consider cupping could help with".
Kate W.