Acupressure is an alternative treatment to Acupuncture.  It can also be combined with acupuncture especially for sensitive areas. It is great for treating children, anxious, frail adults or adults who aren't keen to try acupuncture..
Or for those times when you are feeling more sensitive.


Acupressure is a gentle yet powerful technique used either as an alternative to acupuncture or as a additional treatment mode.

Points on the 12 energy channels are selected and gentle pressure or tapping is applied combined with clear intention  by the practitioner.

Acupressure is especially good for sensitive people and children - whose energy can be strengthened and re-harmonised much faster than adults and for people who are nervous of acupuncture.  It is similar but more gentle than Shiatsu as it doesn't involve rotations and fewer change of position for treatment.. 

Acupressure can feel stronger than acupuncture or more gentle depending on the technique of the practitioner and the needs of the    Feedback is encouraged to achieve the comfortable pressure.  Intention and focus is  fundamental to this the technique similar to Shiatsu.

Deep relaxation is usually a wonderful side effect of both these treatments. This feeling normally lasts  beyond the treatment. Best advice after treatment is wherever possible to relax afterwards or slow down which ever activities need to be finished that day. Avoidance of sports, lifting, running. Good food, relaxation and rest is a good idea, to maximise the